POE::API::Peek extends the POE::Kernel interface to provide clean access to Kernel internals in a cross-version compatible manner. Other calculated data is also available.

The intention is to provide massive amounts of internal data for use in POE debugging.

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Component to allow interactive peeking into a running POE application
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POE::Component::RSS is an event based RSS parsing module. It wraps XML::RSS and provides a POE based framework for accessing the information provided.

Sessions communicate asynchronously with PoCo::RSS - they post requests to it, and it posts results back.

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This component provides very simple UDP Syslog services for POE (named pipe and other syslog interoperability features are expected in future versions).

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This is a module which provides an event based wrapper for subroutines.

SubWrapper components are not normal objects, but are instead 'spawned' as separate sessions. Another way to create SubWrapper components is to use the poeize method.

When a SubWrapper component is created, it scans the package named for subroutines, and creates one state in the session created with the same name of the subroutine.

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POE::Exceptions extends POE to catch exceptions neatly. A new signal, DIE, is introduced. This signal will be fired every time an exception occurs. (For those of you new to the termexception, an exception is whenever the code decides to bail out by die'ing.) If the signal handler returns 1 (as in the example above), POE will assume that the handler dealt with the signal appropriately. If the signal handler returns 0, POE will assume that the handler does not want to deal with the signal and POE will propgate the exception as if the handler never existed.

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Project Info
  • Name: sungo
  • Purpose: Perl modules and other code written by sungo
  • Author: Matt Cashner (sungo)
  • License: BSD/MIT
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